We have been so fortunate to work with a variety of amazing creators, we wanted to take a moment on this page to link you to some of the amazing work they have showcased online.  We have loved every moment we have been able to spend working with these incredible talents.

Thank you so much all of you, we appreciate you more than you know!

Now in no particular order, on with the show!!

(Artist) Rowel Roque

Rowel is the first artist we have had the pleasure to work with on a project for Last Ember Press.  He is expertly bringing the world of John Wilson’s Pneumatic Cases to life.

(Artist) Iwan Nazif

Iwan Nazif is an amazing talent who is working his magic on Lisa Moore’s Faerie Stories.  His work elevates it to a whole new level.

(Artist) Emily Resinger

Emily Resinger has a very unique style and is bringing her brand of spooky to our future webcomic Eek! Little Monsters.

(Artist) Rudi Sucipto

Rudi Sucipto is the artist behind Char-Mageddon and  The Last Ember #0. He brought Ember to life for us and we are so pleased with his designs.

(Artist) Lucas Santos

Lucas is the first artist working for our 529 Studio imprint, working on Chris Ventura’s Celestial Falcon.  He has taken the first issue script and really run with it.  The style is so fitting for the project and we are all very excited!

(Writer) Gordon Dymowski

Gordon is a long time friend and co-host of Brant Fowler’s Zone 4 Podcast.  He is working on a Crime Noir mini-series called The Crimson Badge with us.  It is coming along really nicely and we are excited to share it with everyone.

(Writer) Chris Ventura

Chris is a good friend with big ideas.  His first series Celestial Falcon will be debuting later this year as the first title in our 529 Studio imprint, which Chris is the Editor-in-Chief of.