The Secrets of Willowmyst


Alex hasn’t seen another faerie in a very, very long time. She’s not even sure there areanymore faeries! So she just lives her best life having fun in the forests of Willowmyst with her bff Kai, a slightly mischievous but ever loyal chipmunk companion.

All that changes when she spots Tavin, another faerie who wasn’t supposed to be seen. Much to his chagrin, Alex needs to get to the bottom of this. 

Tavin being discovered may have just set in motion a number of mysteries starting to unvravel as The Secrets of Willowmyst unfold!

The Secrets of Willowmyst: A Faerie Story is a tale of longing friendship, mystery and adventure, and an example to live your life without fear! 

The story is narrated at the beginning and end by Gwen of a larger world you might be seeing down the road!


Writer: Lisa Moore
Pencils: Iwan Nazif
Inks & Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Brant Fowler

Issue #1 Preview