Celestial Falcon


Celestial Falcon is the first release for our superhero adventure imprint, 529 Studio! It is the brainchild of Chris DiBuduo, who presents the lead character in a whole new kind of superhero universe. Coming March 2017!


Plot: Chris DiBuduo
Chris DiBuduo & Brant Fowler
Artist: Lucas Santos
Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Brant Fowler


All his life, Chris felt like something didn’t fit; like there was something more to his life. One day he learned not only was he right, he was something more than even he could ever imagine. An epic journey begins that leads him to make a decision that not only impacts his new life but the entire world. Now it’s up to Chris as Celestial Falcon  to protect the entire world from the evil being that threatens to destroy everything and shroud the world in darkness.


Issue #1 Preview