Bloom Pretty: Forget Me Not Prelaunch

The Prelaunch Page for the next installment of the Bloom Pretty saga is now live!

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Hot on the heels of fulfillment for Bloom Pretty: Lily of the Valley comes the next chapter of the Mature Fantasy tale launching soon on Kickstarter.

Silver, the granddaughter of Astrea and Gemma, is grown now and her mother has disappeared. She’ll take any risk to bring those responsible to justice. Using skills she’s acquired and the abilities that she was born with, and a little help from an old friend, Silver sets out on her arduous quest in issue 1 of Bloom Pretty: Forget Me Not.

Game of Thrones meets DC’s Poison Ivy in this epic tale of murder, romance, obsession, vengeance and class war.

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Or you can head to, which will take you there for the duration of the campaign.