Return to the Land of the Dragon!

In the Land of the Dragon #2 is about to launch on Kickstarter.

Main Cover

After successfully funding and fulfilling issue 1, we are back with issue 2 of our Cyberpunk Fantasy series by Luca Frigerio, Lorenzo Re and Stefano Ronconi.

Three Variant Covers

The mercenary Kenzo is tasked with an unusual mission: kidnap a baby! Not just any baby, though, one whose existence can shift the seat of power in the sprawling metropolis.

In Issue 2...

Kenzo, on the run, hides the baby with a friend while trying to figure out which side of the war he should really be on. Meanwhile, the two warring corporations are searching high and low for the mercenary and their prized possession: the baby.

If you want to learn more and read an extended preview, check out this landing page we’ve created:

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We hope to see you…