Curiouser Ending Soon!

There are only a few days left in our latest crowdfunding campaign for Curiouser: We’re All Mad Here on Kickstarter!

Alice’s son, Alec is pulled into Wonderland in the midst of a brewing civil war, but who is the mastermind behind this new regime?

The campaign ends Tuesday, July 5th. We are funded and working towards stretch goals for the remainder of the campaign.

This week, we’ve added a new cross promotional print with Will Allred’s Crossover Division. Backing both campaigns at certain levels will get you this print either digitally or physically:

And we just added the Neverland puzzle from our Torch Knight Games brand since the Wonderland one has proven so popular!

This is the first part of a 9-part epic, return to Wonderland story that will be a joy to read for all fantasy and comic fans. If you like Shadow and BoneOnce Upon a Time, and perhaps even Harry Potter you should check this one out.

You can find more about Curiouser: We’re All Mad Here at the link below: