Final Day to Back Celestial Falcon on Kickstarter!

Today is the LAST DAY of the Celestial Falcon #1-2 Kickstarter campaign! That means it’s your last chance to pre-order issue 2 on Kickstarter and take advantage of our special deals on the platform!

Celestial Falcon is a coming of age superhero tale about a teenager and his friends being gifted with powers to vanquish a dark and ancient threat that seeks to destroy and consume the world!

Issue 2 answers a lot of questions raised by issue 1, such as where their powers come from, who gave them to them, what is so special about Chris, just who or what this ancient evil threat is, and much more!

Chris goes on a quest to find a hidden temple on a secret island to learn and train, and encounters a GIANT SHARK along the way! Plus, we get our first look at some of the threats Chris and his friends will face!

This is a can’t-miss issue!

We’ve unlocked several Milestone Bonuses, including 4 digital comics and a FREE print by Laura Rimaszombati! There may be more to come!

So head over to to pre-order your copy today before time runs out!

You have less than 24 hours!