Li’l Ember is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Our next project is now LIVE on Kickstarter: Li’l Ember: Spark of Life!

Li’l Ember is an all-ages adventure comic featuring an adorable, young version of our character Ember. She stumbles into a cave while chilling on the beach and makes a shocking discovery and some new friends along the way.

We think of Li’l Ember as our “Tiny Titans” version of The Last Ember.

The Kickstarter campaign launched August 1st and is running through August 15th. We are asking just $750 for an extended print run for Li’l Ember.

If you have enjoyed our other titles, you will definitely enjoy Li’l Ember!

Written by Brant Fowler, with art by Lisa Moore (her first illustrated comic work!)

Plus, if you subscribe to our mailing list and back Li’l Ember, you can comment with the keyword “ATF75” and we’ll give you Fireside Tales #1 for FREE!

Check out Li’l Ember: Spark of Life on Kickstarter today!

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