Funded! Successful on Kickstarter!

Last Thursday, November 16th we reached funding for the Kickstarter campaign for The Last Ember #1!

Friday, November 17th, the campaign ended 107% funded coming very close to reaching our first stretch goal, ending at $3,769!

We decided to give the stretch goal to backers anyway!

What this means is we can resume production of The Last Ember #1 and get it out sooner to everyone! It also means that the 200 people that backed the Kickstarter get some cool extras like prints, digital comics, postcards and more!

We are so grateful, humbled and elated by the success of this campaign. I personally can’t wait to get this book in everyone’s hands, and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. If you shared it, if you followed it, if you subscribed to our email list, if you reviewed #0, if you backed the campaign… THANK YOU!

This was my first Kickstarter and it exceeded my expectations.

Now I’m going to sit back, drink some egg nog, eat some pumpkin pie, and relax! I hope you do the same and enjoy the holiday!


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