The Last Ember #1 Kickstarter is LIVE!

This past Friday, October 20th, we launched our first Kickstarter for The Last Ember #1 by me (Brant Fowler), Giulia Lalli and Lisa Moore!

You demanded it, now we’re doing it! Over the course of that day, we reached 23% funding of our $3,500 goal. By the end of the weekend, we were at 27.5%!

We are very close to unlocking Milestone Bonuses at 30% ($1050 funding), and we have some really cool Milestone Bonuses to share!

Plus we have some collabs coming up that we’ll be announcing later this week and next week!

You can check the campaign out below:

If you can, and you like what you see, please consider supporting the book. And if you can’t, please share it and spread the word! Every little bit helps!

Thank you!


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