Introducing Our Convention Bundles!

bundleAs we are currently at the Heart of Texas Comic Con, we thought we would introduce our special bundles for this and future shows! So if you are reading this and you are at a convention we are, definitely keep reading for some great deals! (Some prints and books in the bundles are interchangeable, read below bundles listing for details)

All-Ages Bundle: Faerie Stories #1, Chocolate Pancake Ninja #1, Fireside Tales #1, Char-Mageddon print and two buttons – $10!

Fireside Tales Bundle: Fireside Tales #1, Fireside Tales Print, Apparitions Anonymous Print, and four buttons – $15!

Pneumatic Cases Bundle: Pneumatic Cases #1, Pneumatic Cases Print, and two buttons – $10!

Mix & Match Bundle: Any two LEP books, and any two prints – $20!

LEP Master Bundle: All four LEP books, all 7 LEP prints, and all 9 buttons – $50!

*Any bundle, except the LEP Master Bundle, you can substitute another book or print for one listed.

Here is our general price list so you can do the math and see what tremendous savings you are getting!

Faerie Stories #1 – $4.00
Chocolate Pancake Ninja #1 – $3.00
Fireside Tales #1 – $4.00
Pneumatic Cases #1 – $4.00
All Prints – $8 or 3 for $20
Buttons – 4 for $1

Come by and see us at a convention soon!


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