Derby City Comic Con 2015!

derbycitycomicconIf you read the press release, you know that we are officially launching at Derby City Comic Con this year! That’s when and where our first titles will be released.

Derby City Comic Con (DCCC) takes place on June 20-21, 2015 in Louisville, Ky. We have a table where John, Lisa, her sister, and myself can be found. We don’t have the table # yet, but watch our Facebook page for an update on that as the date nears.

This will be my second DCCC, and the 5th for the convention itself. It’s run by one of my good friends, founder of, Chuck Moore! And he puts on a great show with great guests. You can learn more about them at

Things are flowing smoothly for us production wise, and currently we are still on target to debut Pneumatic Cases #1, Fireside Tales #1, Faerie Stories #1, and The Last Ember #0 at the show.

You may notice the slight name change there with the Ember title. The reason is there was recently another comic released carrying the “Ember” title, so we decided to change ours. And really, it makes sense considering both the name of our company, and the fact that our Ember is the last of her kind. More will be discussed on Ember in an upcoming press release.

We will also be showing some preview pages soon of Pneumatic Cases and maybe CharMageddon from Fireside Tales.

Art has steadily been coming in, and we are very excited for our debut at DCCC in the state I called home for the majority of my life before moving to Texas last year. So it will be a sort of a homecoming for me as well.

Last year at DCCC, I had a table with old copies of Wannabez and stuff I lettered. I was drawing a bit too. But this year, with Last Ember Press, we are going big. We’ll have prints and things of that nature, and Lisa and I may have copies of things we’ve colored or lettered, respectively. And who knows, maybe I’ll break out some art too.

The point is, if you can make it to DCCC this year, we’ll have plenty of offerings spanning several genres for you to partake of. So definitely swing by and check out the first offerings from Last Ember Press! We hope to see you there!



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