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From a Single Spark Comes…


April 6, 2015, Lindale, TX – The comic book landscape is a vast menagerie of superheroes, pulp heroes, fantasy icons, entertainment franchises, and much more. ­ So much so that one could get lost trying to find that special story that appeals to you. Into the fray walks a new species, one that may shine a little brighter than some. A species that will definitely offer a unique reflection on the comic form. We call this new discovery: LAST EMBER PRESS.

You know that one book that you can’t live without? You know the one. The series you rave about to your friends, share on social media, and can’t wait for the next issue to come out. Last Ember Press (LEP) aims to bring you that very experience each time out of the gate!

The first wave of titles from LEP includes Wilson’s PNEUMATIC CASES, a Victorian era Steampunk Detective Romance story starring Lord and Lady Ravenscroft, two brilliant scientists and inventors who love a good mystery.

In addition to Pneumatic Cases, two more of Wilson’s creations. CHAR-MAGEDDON and EEK! LI’L MONSTERS feature in a young-reader anthology series titled FIRESIDE TALES. Char-Mageddon centers around a 9-year-old girl with amazing powers. While in EEK! Li’l Monsters, a group of young and wacky monsters all live in a house in the suburbs!

Rounding out Fireside Tales is a story co-written by Wilson and LEP co-founder Brant Fowler titled TIN TOWN, which explores what happens when a human baby is left on a robot family’s doorstep and they decide to raise it as their own.

Also from Fowler is a preview story about the mascot of LEP, EMBER! A teenage girl finds herself engulfed, but not consumed by living flame and must discover what the consequences of her new life will hold. And how she will ever be able to find “a normal life” again.

Closing out the first wave is LEP co-founder Lisa Moore’s all-ages title FAERIE STORIES. Alex, a young Faerie and her woodland chipmunk pal, Kai, embark on an adventure to find others like them. Unfortunately the first one they find is Tavin, who won’t even give them the time of day.

To learn more about all of these titles and more, visit

The first offerings from Last Ember Press will be available at Derby City Comic Con on June 20-21, 2015 in Louisville, KY.

“From a single ember, an endless fire can grow.”

About Last Ember Press

Last Ember Press is an independent comic studio founded by Lisa Moore, Brant Fowler, and John Wilson. Our mission is to tell stories in new ways from the unique perspective of seasoned comic creators exploring the essence of the independent palate. We strive to turn the old notions and concepts behind comics on their ear and make books that are both familiar and innovative all at the same time.

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  • April 7, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    With the kind of awesome talent the three of you bring to the table, it’s clear LAST EMBER PRESS is going to be something truly awesome. Wishing you all the best in the world.


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