Discovering Ember

From the Desk of Lisa Moore

I thought it would be nice to start with a blog about how our company “mascot,” Ember came to be.  Seems like a logical jump to assume we had her in mind from the start, but, as it happens, we stumbled upon her in a rather fun way.  Brant, John and I brainstormed company name ideas for a couple days, finally deciding on Last Ember Press.  We had some unique systems in place while trying to think of a name.  We actually ruled out entire letters of the alphabet before we even started.  For example, we didn’t want a name that started with “A”.  The thesaurus became our friend for this process.  In the end, it came together fairly easily and we are all really happy with the name.  I believe it was Brant who thought up using Ember in some way and John helped pull it all together.  Though it was a long day of a LOT of names, and I could be remembering incorrectly, ha ha.

Once we had the name nailed down, Brant got to work on the logo for the company.  We brainstormed ideas for it before he put pen to paper… or mouse to computer screen. heh  We knew we wanted some sort of flame to be represented in the logo.  So Brant got to work on that and in what seemed like no time flat, I got a Skype message with a preview of the logo.  It was really good, I was thoroughly impressed!  I took it all in for a few minutes and said basically that back to him; that it was great.  I looked at it a bit more and saw something.  There was a girl in the middle of the flame!  I thought to myself, oh my goodness how clever was he!  So I asked him if he did that on purpose.  He said something like “Uh, sure.”  Turns out he hadn’t, and funnily enough he didn’t even see her. lol  So I showed him where I was seeing a girls face.  It’s her face turned slightly with her hair being the cut out in the flames.  So the question is, do you all see her?  Now when I look at the logo I just see Ember.

So the entire concept for the comic Ember was born out of the logo and that mysterious face staring back at us from the flame.  Brant and John really brainstormed the whole concept for that comic one morning.  So I woke up to a really fun and exciting discussion that morning.  It was a fantastic day that I’ll always remember, a great start to a wonderful journey that I’m pleased to be taking with these fine gentlemen.  I hope you will all stick around to see how things go!  Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.  I’ll try to pop in from time to time with more blogs like this in the future.

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