While some of our titles, like Pneumatic Cases , In the Land of the Dragon and upcoming  miniseries The Crimson Badge, simply fall under the main LEP banner, some of our books fit into our three imprints. We created the imprints so that you, the reader, could easily tell what kind of story you’re likely to get. You can find these imprint labels in the left corner of each of our books that belong to one of the imprints. If there is no imprint label, then you know that book is simply under the main LEP banner. Here’s a breakdown of our imprints:


The “EMBERVERSE” is a wondrous place of incredible abilities, magic, fantasy, action, drama, and fun.  You’ll be introduced to unique and interesting characters beginning with our main character The Last Ember created by Brant Fowler.  This isn’t really a super hero universe but we will have a lot of fun and go all out in the action department.  It bends more toward the fantastic and magical.


SPARKED! is our All Ages line of books, championed by our own Lisa Moore.  She has a love for the genre and has worked in an and around all ages books for at least 8  years now.  Her love of family friendly fare sparked (pun intended) the idea to have a full line of books to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  The first books in the line are our anthology one-shot Fireside Tales and Lisa’s own The Secrets of Willowmyst.

If you have any questions about any of our imprints, drop us a line! We always love to hear from you all!