Fireside Tales


Fireside Tales is our all-ages anthology, it was one of our first books to launch and paved the way for the break out hit EEK! Li’l Monsters that will be debuting as a webcomic here at Last Ember Press in the coming months.  We hope to venture back to this series to try out fun new all ages story ideas in the future.  Join our mailing list to keep up to date!

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Writer: John Wilson
Pencils: Rudi Sucipto
Inks: Tash Grason
Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Brant Fowler

Every parent thinks that their child is special, but for Emily and Mitchell Eden; special takes on a whole new meaning. Their daughter Charlotte is cute, precocious, and rambunctious and can fly and lift cars over her head! Everyone in Fairville knows her secret but bad guys beware! Cause trouble in her town and you will find yourself in the middle of a CHAR-MAGGEDON!

EEK! Li’l Monsters

Writer: John Wilson
Pencils/Inks/Colors:  Emily Resinger
Letters: Brant Fowler

EEK! A mer-boy, a wolf-boy, a young techno witch, a girl ghost, a flying monkey, a short vampire, a teen monster and an invisible baby all live in a house down the street! EEK! They are cool and funny and crazy but never scary! EEK! They have all these crazy adventures and kooky capers. EEK! It’s  EEK! LITTLE MONSTERS!

Tin Town

In every major city, you can find one. Those streets that seem to take those aspects from a far away place and bring it right here to America…within the space of a few city block. Every city has a Chinatown, a little Italy, a mini Budapest or a tiny Moscow. All cultures gravitate together, bringing their food, their beliefs and their way of life and blend into a beautiful mosaic that makes up the big city. But in all of this, where do the robots go? They go to TIN TOWN.

Writer: Brant Fowler
Pencils/Inks/Colors: Jenny Polden
Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Brant Fowler

Issue #1 Preview