Faerie Stories


Faerie Stories centers around Alex, a young Faerie who is quite different from others of her kind.  In her world, Faeries are rather solitary creatures.  They spend most of their time alone: they live alone, eat alone, work alone.  They are a bit skittish and some even afraid of their own shadow.  They live life very cautiously.  Alex is the exact opposite; she cannot understand why all of the other Faeries are of afraid of every little thing.  She loves to be around other Faeries (though very seldom gets the chance), so with the absence of other Faerie companions she has become friends with many of the forest animals.  In fact, her best friend is Kai, a woodland chipmunk.  Her greatest desire is to find another Faerie that shares her views on the world.  Fairie Stories is a tale of friendship and an example to live your life without fear.

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Writer: Lisa Moore
Pencils: Iwan Nazif
Inks & Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Brant Fowler

Issue #1 Preview