Pneumatic Cases, Vol. 1 Launching Soon!

On Monday, June 5, 2023, Pneumatic Cases, Volume 1 launches on Kickstarter!

This trade paperback will collect issues 1-4 of the series by writer/creator John Wilson and artist Rowel Roque. It will also feature a never before seen brand-new 16 page story starring the future granddaughter of Percival and Anastasia Ravenscroft by artist David Hutajulu.

Pneumatic Cases is a murder mystery set during the Victorian Era with elements of steampunk and classic supernatural tales of the time. It’s also a romance at its heart as the relationship between the brilliant couple, Percy and Annie is showcased throughout.

Here’s a little more about the story:

Lord and Lady Ravenscroft are two brilliant scientists and inventors whose Bohemian lifestyle and inventive ways are in direct contrast to the staid and proper ways of Victorian Era London.

Served faithfully by their steam-driven metallic Majordomo, Pneuman, and armed with a variety of elaborate self-created inventions, the Ravenscroft’s pursue the one vocation that brings excitement into their world… solving murders!

Pneumatic Cases, Volume 1 takes the Ravenscrofts on a trek across Europe to solve an interconnected series of murders and attacks that brings them right back to London to wrap it all up.

The TPB features a new cover by artist Marco Defillo (Curiouser: We’re All Mad Here).

It will also include additional content, like a cover gallery, process images and more.

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