Join Us in the Land of OZ!

While comics are our passion here at Last Ember Press, they’re not our only passion.

We started Torch Knight Games (TKG) to serve our other passion for tabletop games, including puzzles.

Like this one:

TKG successfully launched, funded and fulfilled two previous puzzles in the Legendary Land series with Wonderland and Neverland. Now, we’re back with our latest in the series, The Land of OZ!

This gorgeous montage 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features the incredible artistic talents of Laurent Reis, who also did the previous two puzzle designs.

The Land of OZ puzzle is live on Kickstarter right now through February 3, 2023.

We are also offering a 100-piece version of the main central image of Dorothy and friends as a Make/100 item, which, of course, is limited to only 100 copies. That’s all we’re making! So get one while you can.

In addition to puzzles, we also introduced a brand new product with Diamond Painting Kits. These first two feature art from two of our comic book series, Bloom Pretty and The Last Ember.

Diamond Painting is a mix between cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers that finishes like a cool, very shiny form of pixel art perfect for hanging on your wall. Or you can just do them for fun or to relax, much like puzzles. That’s why we thought combining the two would be perfect.

We are also offering Bloom Pretty: Lily of the Valley and The Last Ember Reforged & Hunted #1 for the comic fans.

So if you’d like to support something different from us, check out Legendary Lands OZ Puzzle + Diamond Painting Kits Make/100 before it ends.

And watch our social media for our next comic book project, In the Land of the Dragon #2!