Bloom Pretty On Kickstarter!

Our latest project, Bloom Pretty is now live on Kickstarter and is our most funded and backed project to date!

Over 280% funded with nearly 1,000 backers, Bloom Pretty has exceeded all expectations and is still going!

We’ve unlocked SIX stretch goals so far and have just announced a 7th one for a brand new wraparound cover by series artist Carola Borelli!

Bloom Pretty: Lily of the Valley is a standalone tale that sets up a fantasy world that has been brewing in the back of Lisa Fowler’s brain for years now, featuring an All-Female Creative Team!  Backing this project will help bring to life the first piece in an even greater story encompassing a whole world of fantasy, intrigue, suspense and magic.  

A distinguishing element of this world is that all living creatures inhabiting the lands are plant hybrids.  Every animal, every person. This opens a world of possibilities and makes for some absolutely stunning art.  Just keep scrolling, we are in awe of what this team has been able to bring to life!  

THIS particular story is focused greatly on just a  handful of characters.  At its heart, this is a love story.  It felt fitting to begin to explore this beautiful, brutal, savage world in a way that puts a large focus on love and family in the midst of tragedy.

 The story is centered around Astrea, an outcast with magic inside of her she has never truly understood and a shame that has haunted her because of it.

Astrea’s story will unfold and bring about events that no one could have predicted.  It’s a story of love, betrayal, obsession and in the end murder.  We don’t want to give too much away here, but I encourage you to check out the preview pages below for a taste of what is coming your way.  

Fans of fantasy series like Game of ThronesShadow and Bone and The Witcher should love this story.  This story is deeply rooted in the fantasy genre, but I’d say you’d be equally at home here if you are a fan of series like The TudorsYou, and Bridgerton.   

It’s like any of those series, but everyone in it is DC’s Poison Ivy!   

We have reward tiers for all level of backers, from digital versions all the way to special collector’s boxes for the hardcore fans! Including one just added that contains ALL the covers available!

The campaign ends March 16th. You can visit it by searching for “Bloom Pretty” on Kickstarter, or just click the link below. We hope you join us on this journey from this amazing all-female creative team!