Celestial Falcon #2 is LIVE!

Celestial Falcon #2 is here! We have returned to Kickstarter for this second issue very soon, and the campaign is now LIVE!

With issue #1 currently being fulfilled, we thought it was the perfect time to stay fresh in our readers’ minds and release issue #2 on the platform as well.

This issue features a brand new colorist in Nimesh Morarji and brand new letterer in Clay Adams! Both Nimesh and Clay bring invaluable assets and skills to the table, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the team!

Head on over to Celestial Falcon #1-2: Supernatural Warfare, Superhero Style and show your support for the series. We have an Early Bird special going on for 48 hours, check it out before it’s gone!

Issue #2 reveals secrets about Chris’ past and the journey he’s about to embark. It also features a big shark scene, unveils a couple of threats, and clues us in on Mac’s true intentions. This over-sized issue is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

Head on over to CelestialFalcon.com/ks2 to back it today!