Night and Day Variants (The Secrets of Willowmyst)

We are happy to announce that when the Kickstarter for The Secrets of Willowmyst #1 launches on June 24th (International Fairy Day!), we will be presenting both Night and Day versions of the new main cover by Iwan Nazif and Lisa Moore!

Originally, we were just going to have the ominous Night version of the cover, but as Lisa was coloring, she decided it would be cool to do a Day version as well. She and Iwan collaborated on making some tweaks to provide the basis for the second variant.

Without further ado, check them out below:

Night Variant
Day Variant

We will also have two other variant covers available, as well as the original Faerie Stories cover.

The Kickstarter launches on Monday, June 24th, International Fairy Day!

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