Kickstarter Poll Results CORRECTION!!!

Last week we reported the results in our Kickstarter poll. Today, I’ve realized an error on my part.

Sometimes mistakes are made and you have to own up to them. Unfortunately, this mistake was mine, and I’m owning and correcting it.

When I tabulated all the votes from all the sources in our Kickstarter poll, I neglected to include one source. I had given the option to vote in the comments on the YouTube video and I forgot to count those. And it changes things slightly.

So… the REAL results of the Kickstarter Poll are as follows:

1st Place (Tie): GHOMBIE

1st Place (Tie): THE LAST EMBER

2nd Place: WANNABEZ

3rd Place (Write-In): PNEUMATIC CASES

As you can see, there was actually a tie between Ghombie and The Last Ember. And both of them only had ONE MORE VOTE than Wannabez! Again, this was a VERY close poll!

Because of this, we have a LOT to consider and must deliberate on the results and what we want to do going forward.

Thank you once again to everyone who voted. It thrills us to see your interest in everything we do!

Until next time, stay toasty!


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