More About Our Kickstarter Poll Choices

Last week, we sent out a newsletter going into a bit more detail about each of the options we’ve selected for our Kickstarter poll. We’d like to share that info with you all to better inform your decision. Just remember, the poll is only open until this Friday, March 17th!

So here are additional details on the three choices for the poll:


This is a cute little idea I came up with out of the blue. I couldn’t tell you where the inspiration came from. I probably was watching something or making fun of something to be honest. I can picture myself saying something to the effect of “He’s a ghost zombie. A Ghombie!” As soon as Lisa heard it, she fell in love with it and we started brainstorming on the spot. I even came up with a little jingle that you can hear me sing in the YouTube video for the poll.

Ghombie had the unfortunate displeasure of simultaneously being turned into a zombie and dying during his Vaudville career. Thus, he wanders the lands unable to quench his endless hunger because, well, he’s intangible! Try living (or un-living?) like that!

I originally imagined it as these little shorts we’d insert here and there. I can totally see Ghombie animated too. Either way, the reason we decided to include him on this poll is because honestly it’s a smaller project that won’t require as many resources as the other two. Plus we kind of love it!


Ah, my baby. This was my first ever self-published comic I released under Gonzogoose Productions years ago. The tag line is “They think they have super powers, but they really don’t.” That usually illicits laughter at conventions when I pitch it. Sadly, we were unable to continue Wannabez due to a number of factors back then, and I am hoping to revive it. I have a brand new artist and a revised script for it with the intention of relaunching it from scratch.

Originally, I wrote Wannnabez to submit to Marvel’s Epic line, which had opened for outside submissions. I wrote two full scripts, beat sheets, character bios, and even drew character sketches up for it. This was in 2002. I submitted, they passed on it. Six years later, I entered a competition called Small Press Idol and placed high enough to get our #0 story in an anthology. In fall, I re-released it with extras under my own imprint, and in 2009 we released issue #1. And that was that.

So obviously I care deeply about this project and would love to see it come back someday. This could be the day!


Now, I hesitated on adding this one to the list simply because we just released issue #0 last year. This is the book we wanted to launch the company with, and the one people kept asking for. Once we released it, we got great feedback, but sadly we had to find a new artist. Our current artist just couldn’t keep up with the demands of the schedule. So things got a bit delayed for issue 1. That’s why we thought of adding her to the potential Kickstarter list to maybe see about releasing the issues a bit faster.

If you’re not familiar with The Last Ember, it’s the story of LEP’s main character, Ember, of course! She is a normal teenager who just happens to be the last in the long line of fire goddesses. She’s also the character that kicks off the ‘Emberverse,’ which is our main imprint at LEP. It has some superheroic elements, but is more based in mythology and fantasty, but told in a modern setting. It’s a coming of age story, but one that takes our character into wild and amazing places.

The cast your vote in the poll, check out all the links to do so in this post from last week:

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