What Should Our First Kickstarter Be? POLL

We are considering doing a Kickstarter later this year and would love to hear YOUR feedback on which project you’d like us to pursue first via that platform!

The choices are:

GHOMBIE – He’s a Ghost, He’s a Zombie, He’s GHOMBIE! Yeah… Vaudevillian character turned and killed at once, destined to live a half life with a hunger he can never quench!

WANNABEZ – They think they have super powers… but they really don’t! Renewed, revised, new art, new direction. Should WANNABEZ return?!

THE LAST EMBER – A normal teenage girl who just happens to be the last in a long line of fire goddesses. How does she cope? LEP’s Lead character, THE LAST EMBER, to get issues out faster!

We have polls on our Patreon Page, Facebook page, and Twitter. We even have them on flyout cards on videos on our YouTube page and on Comic Frontline’s YouTube page. Or you can just leave a comment on this post!

For ease, here’s our Facebook poll:


So let YOUR voice be heard. Which project should we do our first Kickstarter with?

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